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About us

Since 2021, Parsons Electrical Services LLC, founded by industry veteran Adam Parsons, has illuminated the path for quality electrical services throughout NJ, NYC and beyond.


Adam Parsons is experienced electrician in all facets of the electrical industry. Working in high end areas from Park Avenue NYC and High rise builds in Manhattan to water front Jersey City, Newport.


Our commitment to excellence has peered homes and given the utmost safety and superior service we know how.


At Parsons Electrical Services, we believe that safety, reliability, and experience power the way to our outstanding service.


Our North Jersey and central Jersey based team is a highlight of excellence, regularly updated with the latest industry safety protocols to ensure a secure environment for both our staff and your projects.


Our dedication to upholding the highest safety standards means every wire, switch, and service conforms to or surpasses, New Jersey’s rigorous regulations.


Our service is nothing short of ideal professionalism.


All members of our Parsons Electrical Service family is rigorously trained to not only meet your electrical needs but to also provide the insightful advice and courteous assistance you deserve. From the smallest residential task to the largest corporate project, we’re wired to exceed expectations.


Parsons Electrical Services?

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